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Don’t wait for ‘Someday’ to turn to ‘Never’... we encourage you to go soak up this information right now. But don't just take our word for it....

"Greg Stanley is the wisest, wittiest, most wonderful money man on the planet today. He takes the eclectic wisdom of the ages on money, translates it to be totally understandable, and makes it so brilliantly simple that everyone can change their philosophy and end up financially free and independent. Without hesitation, I think that you should get in the energy orbit of Greg Stanley. First listen to his wisdom and insight, then go out and apply it. If you do, you can make yourself financially free and independent."

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Mark Victor Hanson

Newport Beach, California

"We’ve followed Whitehall concepts for several years, but it wasn’t until we fully committed to this program that we saw our recent growth. Our office began with Whitehall at $62,000 in collections on 20 new patients. Last month we had 65 new patients and collected more than $124,000. We believe we have the strategy in place to scale our growth well above $200,000 and have a staff that is inspired to work with an associate doctor."

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Dr. Daniel Koester

Oak Creek, WI

"Greg Stanley was largely responsible for helping me develop my practice, get out of debt and putting me on the road to financial independence. I now produce and collect 1.5 million dollars in my solo practice, with a 57% overhead working 29 hours per week. I’m debt free and well on my way to financial independence. I enjoy my profession, my staff, my patients and my free time with my family. Thank you Greg!"

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Dr. Roy Smith

Tyler, Texas

"Greg is flexible when looking at how the doctor wants to practice, helping them understand their style of practice and how to make the most out of that, rather than a lot of practice consultants that we have worked with who have tried to make the doctor fit whatever their philosophy is. I think that is extremely valuable.

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Susan Branch

Pittsford, NY

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate all you have done for my practice and me. After 20 years, my practice was stuck at a plateau. Working with Greg Stanley at Whitehall has not only doubled my practice, but he has identified the blockages in the practice that, once removed, allowed us to surge forward… What has been different about working with Whitehall is that they have never sent me on ‘wrong turns’ that cost me money or time. Your advice has always been timely, appropriate, and most of all Right On The Mark. Remember the old ads for E.F. Hutton; ‘When E.F. Hutton speaks…people listen.’ For me ‘When Greg Stanley speaks… I don’t just listen, I just do it.’ And the practice responds with growth. Thanks again, Greg, I’m looking forward to continued growth and working with you more."

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Dr. Charles Tozzer

Irvine, CA

"We have been in practice now for nineteen years and our practice has been very good to us. In coming to this seminar, the thing that impressed me the most of all is that we got a lot of real practical tools. That is the thing that struck me more than anything else. We got the “How to’s.” How to take things we already know, go back and put it in the practice and use it and have a great success with it. Greg has really helped us a lot in providing the information and tools and the “how to’s” to go for it.

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Dr. Ted Scott

Layton, UT

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